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Training & Events

EDNZ is proud to offer a range of relevant and professional training courses, seminars and networking events, specifically designed for economic development practitioners. These include the annual conference, Best Practice Awards and a range of Economic Development Accreditation (AcED) opportunities, along with bespoke opportunities throughout the year.


In addition to the current accreditation offerings (now identified as 101 courses), 2024 will see the introduction of 201 courses for more advanced learning and in 2025, a 301 Master's accreditation.

EDNZ Accreditation Training Team

Accreditation (AcED)

If you are new to economic development, interested in further honing your skills and/or achieving formal ED qualifications then AcED is for you.  


You can choose to either graze the many training courses without pursuing the AcED or achieve the different levels of AcED through specific courses.   

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