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EDNZ delegation to Wellington – We need your input

An EDNZ delegation will meet with decision-makers in Wellington to highlight a number of issues that have presented as the impact of Covid 19 has evolved:

For example:

  • the strains upon the ED network’s capacity as a result of the economic impact of Covid 19

  • the need for real time intelligence to measure and monitor that impact

  • the need for a coordinated and collaborative local, regional and national architecture to lead the economic response and recovery

  • the need for strong co-ordination across central government organisations in terms of funding dispersal across the Economic Development network

  • a need for aligned and resilient planning at all levels

  • a concern and commitment to ensure we are better prepared for the next economic shock

The above are just some of the needs that EDNZ has identified, you may be aware of others. In preparation for the planned meeting with decision makers EDNZ needs your input.  The following survey aims to enable EDNZ to build a current and accurate picture of your needs.  Your participation is critical to the strength and robustness of the case that EDNZ can mount, so please do take the time to participate.

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