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M and E

Identifying a causal relationship between your intervention and an impact or outcome is often difficult and sometimes impossible because your intervention will be just one of many factors affecting the economy. This is especially so when your role is primarily that of facilitator i.e. facilitating the establishment of an irrigation scheme or airport for your community.

This kind of intervention may not show up on the indicator radar for some time and in the meantime other factors will have impacted on the economy.

Deciding exactly how much of the impact can be attributed to your intervention is likely to be impossible. And yet you and your funders will want to know that the interventions you are planning are “making a difference’.

M & E offers you a new way of monitoring that will allow you to establish a small number of relevant quantitative and qualitative indicators through which you can prove medium and long term progress towards a sustainable economy.

Remember, qualitative indicators are great when used wisely!

Before you access the menu of indicators below be sure you understand inputs, activities, outputs, impacts and outcomes.

To see the range of data available scroll below.

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