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Awards and Graduation

The 2022 Gala Awards Dinner and Graduation Ceremony will be held on the evening of the 13th October in the stunning Banquet Hall of the Chateau on the Park. 

Starting at 7.00 pm the Gala Dinner will have a medieval theme..  For information on how to prepare a nomination for an Award please scroll below. 

During  the course of the evening there will be a graduation ceremony to acknowledge the achievements of the many practitioners who have completed the Accreditation for Economic Developers (AcED).  It promises to be an evening of much celebration! 

Nominating for a Best Practice Award 
Please note the deadline for nominations is the 10 August 2022

Criteria for Best Practice Awards

1. Achieved outcomes

The best practice shows that it has efficiently and effectively responded to the identified issue or challenge. There is evidence of its impact, achieved outcomes and quality of implementation e.g. targets vs actual performance, key performance indicators, before-and-after comparisons, cost-effectiveness metrics and other relevant statistics.

2. Innovativeness

The best practice demonstrates forward-looking approaches or solutions that are original, pioneering and ground-breaking for the organization, the country or the region as a whole. Innovation covers a wide spectrum of initiatives that ranges from continuous improvements and incremental changes, on one hand, and sweeping, far-reaching and cutting-edge transformations, on the other.  This is particularly the case in relation to the Innovation Best Practice Award.

3. Robustness

The best practice has a track record to show that its effectiveness is not short-lived nor transitory. Its benefits and added value are well-established and are expected to last. The best practice can be depended upon to deliver predictable results time and again.

4. Replicability

The best practice shares insights on the factors that would be indispensable to its replicability as well as the risks that could stand in the way of its successful implementation. It has the potential to inspire other economic development agencies that are faced with a similar issue or challenge.

What you will need to complete
your nomination 

Names of the person(s) who will receive the Award at the Ceremony

Names of those who should appear on the Award

Overview of the initiative (no more than two pages)

Details of the initiative and how it meets the criteria (please see above) 

Committment to development a 2 minute video (no more) if successful i

Four high resolution images relating to the initiative

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