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Connect, collaborate and celebrate

The annual best practice awards are presented during the EDNZ annual conference.  Details of how and when to submit will be posted here in due course.

Annual Awards 

You are encouraged to nominate for any of the following:

Best Practice Awards for:

  • Innovation

  • Primary Research

  • Inclusive Development

  • Covid 19 Business Recovery Support

  • Collaboration

  • Inward Investment

  • Aligned and integrated Strategy

There is also a Premier Award which recognises an outstanding entry that succeeded in winning one of the above Best Practice Awards.

EDNZ also offers a Distinguish Service Award. 

The DSA is EDNZ's premier individual award and recognises the contribution of individuals to: • the image and practice of ED • research that has advanced the theory or practice of economic development in NZ • the advance of EDNZ • the national or international recognition of the ED profession within NZ

Criteria and nomination form for all of above will be available no later than the 20 May.


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